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Get closer to the problem – and the solution – by analyzing implant dentistry from the 3 key perspectives: Oral Surgery, Perio, and Prosth.

Further your skill-set and hone your practice with West Coast Institute’s Continued Dentistry Education.

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Cutting-Edge CE Courses

Join continued dentistry education courses to further your practice and hone your clinical skills with some of the top dentists in the field.

Exclusive Video Library

Members of West Coast Institute receive full access to the WCI video library which includes instructional videos from past courses and events.

Additionally, the WCI video library includes bonus content exclusive to WCI members.

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Study Clubs

WCI study clubs offer the opportunity to network and learn from the industry’s top minds – and to meet like-minded people like you, who are always working to learn more.

West Coast Institute hosts a number of study clubs. Meals included.

Upcoming Events

West Coast Institute Clinicians

Industry-Leading Clinicians

Learn more about our team of experienced and award-winning clinicians.

Continued Dentistry Education

Hone Your Practice With West Coast Institute

Learn more about West Coast Institute and what makes it one of the most valuable resources to dental practitioners looking to sharpen and develop new skills.

Bring your practice to the next level.

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